Audioconference Recordings

The audioconferences which take place during the field trip are recorded and archived on this page. Note that the orginal recordings are digitally edited to boost the volume of some people's voices. Get the questions for each audioconference.

Listening to Audio files

We suggest that you try clicking on the link to the recorded audio conference of your choice and find out whether your computer can play the audio files. We also suggest you "download" the file to your computer rather than "playing" it if you plan on using the audioconference more than once.

The files are in the common mpeg3 (mp3) format so most computers should be able to play the audio files. Each audioconference is approximately 20 minutes long. If you have difficulties with playback, read the text below the list.

To play the audio files you need a program (media player) installed on your computer that knows how to play these files. Both Windows and Apple computers come with a media player built in that will play the audio files.

If you don't have a media player installed or you think you need an upgrade, you can download one from the links below and install it on your computer. Once installed you can click on any of the audio file links above to start playing the audio file.

The audio players below are free. If necessary the software can be downloaded from:

If you are running an older version of one of these software packages it may be worthwhile upgrading.  They are available free of charge.

Recent versions of Internet Explorer also give you the option of playing the audio files within the browser. If you are using Internet Explorer you could try clicking on one of the audio file links to find out if your version of Internet Explorer has this capability.

Netscape Version 4.7 will automatically give you the option of downloading a copy of the audio file to your computer. Newer versions of Netscape will play the audio file within the browser.

Ultimately how your computer handles these audio files will depend upon:

  • the type of computer (eg PC or Mac),
  • the media player and version that you have installed,
  • the browser type and the browser version,
  • the operating system of your computer and version.