Competition - Win a $1200 Polycom SoundStation

The Polycom SoundStation.

For this field trip Y11 Science at Otahuhu College, Auckland have won the $1200 Polycom SoundStation for their school. Congratulations from the LEARNZ Team, Asnet Technologies and Solid Energy.

Wednesday's Clues

1. I work by a drop in pressure

2. I create flashed steam

3. I am manmade equipment that separates water and steam 
Thursday 's Clues

1. I am a liquid used in the Binary plant

2. I boil at a lower temperature than water

3. I burn easily 
Friday's Clues

1. I am dissolved from rocks deep underground

2. I am deposited when the water temperature drops

3. I can create problems for the reinjection of geothermal water.
Answer: Flash plant
Answer: Pentane
Answer: Silica

How the Competition Was Run

During the field trip, a competition will be run. The competition is open to all classes enrolled in the March 2006 Wairakei Geothermal Power field trip. Your class could win a $1200 Polycom SoundStation for your school.

The competition is used to introduce a bit of extra fun and mystery into the field trip, reinforcing key ideas and encouraging further research.

Each day, for the 3 days of the field trip, I will give 3 clues, during the audioconferences and in Donald's Diary, about one feature, object or concept related to this geothermal field trip.

When your class has their 3 answers ready, fill out the entry form below and submit it by Monday 20 March at 4pm and go into the draw to win the Polycom SoundStation provided by the Contact Enery.

All entries will be acknowledged, usually within 24 hours. All correct answers will go in the draw for a prize which has yet to be sorted.

Entries are limited to one per enrolled class.

The winner will be contacted and announced in our newsletter and on this page.

The competition makes excellent homework or extension work.

Best of luck!