Questions for Audioconference 1

Date: Wednesday 1 March
Time: 11.30am
Speaking School: Year 13 Physics - Garin College.

  1. How many employees work at this power plant?
  2. On average how much does it cost to actually run a power plant?
  3. What are the jobs available (esp what type of engineers are employed) and the qualifications needed to work in this powerplant? Bachelor of engineering? Bachelor of science?
  4. What are the qualifications that you yourself had Donald?
  5. What is an average yearly salary that a power plant worker would
  6. What kind of maintenance is required at the plant?
  7. How many women work at the plant, what type of jobs do they perform and is their a safety requirement for their hair?
  8. How big are the turbines?
  9. What is a fumarole?
  10. Does supply always meet demand?
  11. How long will this power station be able to supply our energy needs?
  12. How environmentally friendly is the operation? Does it produce any waste and if so, how is it removed?
  13. Are there other renewable energy resources being used in the area? If so which and how do they compare in terms of cost effectiveness and energy production?
  14. What kind of safety considerations are there when dealing with the electricity produced at the plant and where is energy lost the most?
  15. How big are the magnets used in the generators?