Questions for Audioconference 2

Date: Wednesday 1 March
Time: 12:15pm
Speaking School: Year 13 Geography - Garin College.

  1. Plate tectonics - the process and the distinctive landscapes it produces.
    1. How does the geothermal area of Wairakei fit in with the NZ and global pattern of geothermal and plate tectonic activity?
    2. How impressive is this geothermal area on a global comparison basis? Is it spectacular, interesting, run of the mill, unique?
    3. What natural landforms are associated with this geothermal area? which are the most notable and why?
    4. Do other natural processes interact with volcanism in this area to form distinctive landscapes in this area? How do these natural processes interact and what are results on the landscape?
  2. The influence of people on this natural landscape and natural processes operating in this area.
    1. How have people harnessed the energy created by tectonic forces? both in traditional Maori culture(pre european times) and today in areas like tourism,energy and minerals?
    2. How well managed is this natural resource? what issues have arisen in managing this resource? and how are they being resolved?
    3. Are there any negative impacts on peoples lives arising from the use or proximity of living in this area? 8. How well understood are issues involved with conservation and sustainable use of this resource?