Questions for Audioconference 3

Date: Thursday 2 March
Time: 2pm
Speaking School: Ashburton Borough School.

  1. Can you tell us what a base load station is please?
  2. We read there were 20 wells. Was that because there were 20
    geysers? What happened to the geysers after the wells went in and what
    is happening now? How many are left?
  3. Can you please explain the difference between dry steam, flash
    and binary plants?
  4. Are there other geothermal power plants in NZ and if so how do
    they compare with Wairakei?
  5. What are the effects of the poisonous gases if you breathe them
    and what safety features are in place at Wairakei?
  6. Are the turbines similar in size to hydro turbines or how do
    they compare to hydro turbines? ( The group have been to Benmore)
  7. Is the water cold when it is reinjected into the ground? We read
    that it is warm when is injected into the Waikato River?
  8. What is the top speed of the steam?
  9. In one of the pictures on the background page there is a
    pipeline that zigzag's across the paddock? Why did you build a pipeline
    like that and wouldn't it be less expensive to go straight?
  10. Do you ever have to clean the pipes or any of the plant and if
    so do you do a complete shut down and if you have shut it down what do you do for energy?
  11. What is the environmental impact of Wairakei and how can you
    keep any impact to a minimum ?
  12. How many people are employed at Wairakei and what jobs do they do?