Questions for Audioconference 4

Date: Friday 3 March
Time: 1.30pm (Note change to later time)
Speaking School: Strath Taieri.

  1. Who discovered Geothermal Power and when was it discovered?
  2. Apart from Wairakei, are there other Geothermal Power Stations in New Zealand and where are they located?
  3. If there are other Geothermal Plants in New Zealand how do they compare with Wairakei (in size)?
  4. How much does it cost to run a power plant?
  5. What is the main geothermal power plant in the world?
  6. In New Zealand, how much Geothermal Power is produced compared to Hydro Power?
  7. Does Geothermal Electricity Production have any negative effects on the environment?
  8. Is geothermal electricity production more or less efficient than hydro electricity?
  9. What are the major differences between Geothermal electricity and Hydro electricity?
  10. How big are the turbines?
  11. What is the most preferred resource for electricity production and why?
  12. Generally, hydro power stations provide other positive resources such as recreational use on lakes, are there any positive by-products for the public from Geothermal Power Stations?