Step 1 - Set
up Your Computer

Setting up the software on your computer to receive live audiostreaming

In order to listen to the audio conferences via the Internet, your computer requires the following:

  • a sound card
  • speakers
  • an Internet connection
  • appropriate software eg Windows Media Player, Real Player, WinAmp or QuickTime.  

Note: Windows based PCs come with Windows Media Player built in.  Apple computers come with Quicktime.  Windows Media Player is also available for the Mac.  QuickTime is available for the PC should you wish to use it.

If necessay the software can be downloaded:

If you are running an older version of one of these software packages it may be worthwhile upgrading.  They are available free of charge.

The same software is used for listening to the archived audio conferences.

Mac Computers, Netscape and mp3 files

The Learnz audio files are in mp3 format. If you try to play mp3 files on a Macintosh, older versions of the Netscape Navigator browser (Version 4 and earlier) may display the Quicktime logo and fail to play the mp3 file.

This is a problem with Netscape's settings, which incorrectly try to play mp3 files using Quicktime (Quicktime version 3 and older cannot play mp3 files).

If this happens you need to do the following (you may wish to print this page with these instructions):

  • Change your preferences by opening Netscape Navigator and select 'Edit' - 'Preferences'.
  • Click on 'Navigator' and then 'Applications'
  • Scroll down until you see "audio/mpeg,"and double click it.
  • Select the 'Choose' button and locate the mp3 player you wish Netscape to use.
  • If there is an audio player already selected, choose the 'Edit' button and then click the 'Application' radio button.
  • Click the 'Choose' button next to the 'Application' button and locate the mp3 software.
  • Click Ok out of all dialog boxes.
  • Scroll through the description list again and repeat each step for mpeg audio, audio/x-mpeg and/or audio/x-mp3 descriptions if they exist in the list.

Netscape Navigator should now be able to play an mp3 file using the mp3 player that you have selected.

When you have finished setting up your software, go to Step 2 and test it.