Meet Donald the LEARNZ Teacher

Donald stands inside a Hydroelectric generator. He is standing where the Rotor would sweep past and his hand is on the Stator windings, where the electricity is generated.

During 2006 I will have the pleasure of taking secondary schools on eight fascinating virtual field trips, to some of the most interesting places in NZ.

Physicists and other Scientists will be able to examine all aspects of Electricity and Electromagnetism, on field trips that cater for those starting to learn about electricity, to senior students seeking practical examples of their lab work and theory.

Geographers and Social Scientists will be able to join me as I investigate all aspects of non-renewable resource (eg coal) and renewable (eg hydro) resources. The implications and discussion of their use will develop into excellent and current case studies.

During field trips we will link up using audioconferences, digital video and digital stills. Emails, panoramas, a Web Board and daily diaries are also used. The questions asked are the ones you develop.

Time in the job: I have taken part in the LEARNZ programme since it started in 1995 but 2003 was my first year as the full-time Secondary LEARNZ teacher.

Favourite Part of job: Meeting experts who love what they do.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Diploma in Teaching, Registered Teacher

Experience before LEARNZ: HOD Science with 27 years as a secondary teacher of Science and Biology. Two seasons of Antarctic field work in support of Scientists.

Interests: Most activities outdoors . . . except golf.