Step 3 - Listen
Now to a Live LEARNZ Audioconference

Click here to start the LEARNZ audio stream.
(Note: This will only work when an audioconference is actually taking place).
View the Audioconference Timetable

What will happen? Your computer's default audio player should start automatically. There may be a short delay after clicking on the link before the audio stream starts.

Interference? If you have students listening to the audio stream as well as listening via the telephone you will notice that there is a delay of between 30 and 60 seconds between the phone and the audio stream. This will make listening to both lots of audio at the same time extremely difficult. Therefore we recommend you chose either the telephone or the internet for listening.

Doesn't work?

Try this alternative method using Quicktime


Try this alternative method using Windows Media Player.

Still doesn't work? Check your setup in Step 1 and then test again in Step 2.

If all else fails send an email to